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Customer Service Support Updates

We are very excited to announce that we’ve restructured our Customer Service Team. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service experience possible!

Remember to EMAIL US your questions: support@childsave.com.
You can also call our Customer Service Line at 1-800-409-4600 from 10am-5pm EST.

Helpful Reminders:
If you want to update your child’s information and have never done this before, please fill out this form:

If you want to update your child’s photo only, please fill out this form: https://childsave.com/updatephoto

Please note: This year we will not be issuing any more cards. We have launched an iPhone/Android Child Save App that lets you manage your account and your child(ren)’s photos so that you can easily update everything anytime! Our app roll-out will be happening this Spring-Summer. We will keep you updated!

Thank you!

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  • 26 days ago   /   Reply

    Do not use this program. They are a ripoff and do not allow you to speak with anyone to answer your questions

  • 19 days ago   /   ReplyJennifer Scott

    I have been trying to communicate with this company since I have been charged for a service TWICE since I canceled
    Please refund my money immediately before I post to better business bureau….which I see is already full of comments of people having the same issue!

  • 6 days ago   /   ReplyBarbara baldock

    You stole my money on may 29 and you said that it will be returned…haven’t seen the money back on my credit card and haven’t heard from you in a month!!!! Give me back my money!!!!

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